MLB At Bat App Reviews

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Does not work

Impossible to open, and to erase

Crash on Apple TV

Since the latest update on Apple TV, the app crash at every start !!!!

Great app

For baseball lovers


Makes me keep up with the news .

No good for chromecast users

The app is good but it doesnt work properly with chromecast, especially with live games streams, its non stop buffering. They must allow users to control video quality ASAP.

One request!

This app is fantastic for information about the teams, games and players. However, I use the app primarily to watch the condensed games the next day, as I live in Germany and many games take place in the middle of the night for me. With this app it is almost impossible to get a condensed game up without seeing the outcome of the game beforehand - even when I have the settings so that the scores are not shown. When I click on the game I want, I am directed to a page with a recap which makes it clear who won, and on the page where the condensed game link is shown, the score is there. Please fix this feature so that one can access the condensed games without spoiling the suspense of not knowing the outcome of the game!

Great, just minor bugs.

I use it every day. Gives me the opportunity to watch baseball everywhere. Some minor bugs, crashes, but still good.


This is one of my most used apps. And maybe the only one, that gets better as soon as they change something.

Great App!

Works as expected with regular updates!

Simply the best...

...better then all the rest. A must for all serious baseball enthusiasts.

Awesome app

Best sports app Ive had

Great app

Intuitive and easy to use. Still the template for any sports league trying to take advantage of their digital offerings.


This app is far above any other leagues app. I use it heavily throughout the season. It rarely crashes, and the notifications always work. is integrated beautifully. My only complaint is that sometimes games dont have the final score I want, but its not the apps fault that the Giants are struggling. ;)


Top notch!

Well made

I use this app daily!!!!

Easy to use

Most used sports app. Easy to navigate and use.

Fantastic app! Just fantastic.

If youre a baseball fan, this app is for you!

Love this App!

Fantastical app! Love it!! ⚾️⚾️


Ive used this app for about a year now and its a great app, but for the past few days, when Ive tried to watch a video replay, the app crashes. I run IOS 10.0.2

Bar across the top on

The app is great, but the bar across the top of the screen while watching the game is annoying as it covers up the info shown behind it on the live feed. This covers the ball/strike count and outs. And only shows the score, which is shown in live feed.

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